Confined Space Management

Confined Space Management is a relatively new requirement and we have noticed that a lot of businesses appear to have trouble managing this.

At Drawing Managers we can manage a review process from start to finish if required:

  • Come to your site and review all of your Confined Spaces
  • Create specifications for identification and once identified what to do with them
  • Gathering location information and create drawings for future inspections
  • Creating individual documentation and assist with creation global risk assessments
  • Complete the process by creating/organising the relevant signage and roll them out on site (quick and easily with our automation process)

Each entry when stored in our theDMSeffect Register System can be broken up in many different ways – logical areas, by equipment type, etc.

Using theDMSeffect software also allows for individual entries in the register with multiple linked documents.

For more information on how theDMSeffect can work to better assist you with confined space management please click on the link below.

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Confined Space Sign

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