Document Sorting Solutions

At Drawing Managers has many Document Sorting Solutions. We don’t limit ourselves to just Drawings. We have helped numerous clients to sort and manage their Documents as well. Using a number of automated tools and partnerships has allowed us to manage, create and convert thousands of documents quickly, meaning a very cost effective document sorting solution for your business.


Drawing Managers can quickly convert paper and non-editable electronic copies (PDF, TIFF, JPEG etc.) to editable electronic versions.

We have the ability to convert hundreds of pages a day into the same template/layouts or into something new.

Sorting, Updating, & Converting Solutions

Document Sorting Solutions at Drawing Managers are vaired – we are able to sort all of your documents and update &/or review any you deem necessary.

By creating templates with the use of scripts your Documents can be quickly and easily updated in mass quantities.

Multiple Locations

If documents aren’t being efficiently managed this can quickly become an issue. Are they stored in multiple locations?

Don’t know what the latest revision is? Have they been misplaced?

These are common issues which often occur from mismanaged documents.

Our software theDMSeffect can solve all of these problems for you.

All of these services come together to make a full document management solution with the use of  theDMSeffect.

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Organise all your drawings with theDMSeffect