Drawing Sorting Solutions

Drawing Managers have developed many Drawing Sorting Solutions. We have a number of scripting tools and partnerships which allow us to efficiently & quickly; sort, catalogue and manage thousands of drawings in very cost effective ways.

Electronic CAD-Based Drawings

Drawing Managers are able to speedily gather Titleblock information from many AutoCAD drawings into a spreadsheet. This Titleblock information can be edited within the spreadsheet and the drawings automatically updated.

Drawing Managers can rapidly convert thousands of CAD-Based Drawings to PDF for easier viewing.

Drawing Managers can generate lists and manipulate many of a drawings attributes such as layers and text styles used in the drawings to assist with drawing auditing.

After this, we can manage your files with theDMSeffect to allow easier management and access in the future. The key process of Drawing Sorting Solutions. Future proofing your drawing library.

Electronic Non-CAD Based Drawings

Drawing Managers are able to gather all non-CAD Title Block information into a spreadsheet.

We can extract information from any type of drawing in any format (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, scans, etc.) for listing in a spreadsheet.

We can create PDF versions for easy viewing.

As with the CAD files, theDMSeffect can be used to manage these.

Hard/Paper Based Copies

Paper based drawing systems are a thing of the past.

Paper drawings deteriorate, are difficult to view, reproduce, email or edit. Large format (above A3 size) drawings take up a lot of space and often in multiple locations.

Drawing Managers can scan of your paper copies (up to A0 in size). Sort them. Extract the title block information for cataloguing.

As with the CAD files, theDMSeffect can be used to manage these.

Multiple Locations

If drawings aren’t properly managed they can quickly become an issue. Stored in multiple locations, not knowing where the latest revision is or being simply misplaced are issues which often occur from mismanaged drawings. Using our Software theDMSeffect solves these problems.

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