Catalogue your drawings

Get your drawing library categorised!

Do you have:

  • Multiple copies of drawings?
  • Identical drawings with different filenames?
  • Drawings whose filename does not represent the drawing number?
  • CAD Files and Pdf files of the same drawing with different names?
  • Multiple revisions in different locations?
  • Cad Files without pdf’s?
  • Single files that contain multiple drawings?
  • Hard copies in multiple locations?

This is all typical, but not good.
Drawings will become disorganised over time. The difference is how disorganised.

Sorting this situation is a big job and usually ends in frustration and very little progress.

Most people would love to resolve this problem but have too many other pressing core tasks to be able to dedicate the time this requires.

This is where we can step in to help – give us a call and we can explain just how easy we can make the process.

Get your drawing library categorized easily with our assistance.

Setting up multiple clients for our theDMSeffect system has meant we are now quite proficient at sorting large quantities of documents quickly.

From there your documents can be stored and version controlled in theDMSeffect if you wish.

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