Critical Equipment Support

We can assist you to manage your critical equipment assets.

Legislation in recent years has stated that sites need to manage certain pieces of plant which as been classified as critical equipment.

If you are doing this but would like all the information in one location, managed, and accessible by many, we can help.

Using theDMSeffect we can combine registers of equipment and categories them appropriately. Making it easy for you to manage your critical equipment assets.

We can do this fast and efficiently using scripts to manipulate your own data into our system.

Or we can come to your site and assist in gathering the required information.

Then, each item can have attached managed items such as; certificates, photos, drawings, manuals, etc.

This might be for items such as:

  • Ladders, access platforms and scaffolding
  • Lifting equipment, shackles, lightweight slings and eye-bolts etc.
  • Pressure vessels
  • Portable electrical equipment
  • Electrical installations
  • Safety harness and lanyards
  • Fire suppression and fire fight equipment
  • First aid and rescue equipment
  • Radiation sources
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Environmental control facilities

Setting up multiple clients with theDMSeffect has meant we can do this very proficiently.

Pressure Vessels

Organise all your drawings with theDMSeffect